My name is Kristina Jones and I am a freelance artist and illustrator as well as a full-time Art Teacher. I have a BA (HONS) in Illustration and many years of experience in Fine Art and Design. 

I am Canadian but spent 8 years living and working abroad gathering inspiration and knowledge and learning from other artists.

I would describe my creative style as eclectic. My work incorporates textiles in various ways. I may paint a traditional embroidery pattern into an image or transfer an original drawing or painting to a digital format and work in digital fabric swatches.

In my fine art work I create fabric mosaic by adhering small fabric swatches to canvas, creating large texturally dynamic pieces. 

I love what I do. When I’m not working on a job for a client, I am creating something for myself. I never get tired of the process. I thrive on solving creative problems and will research and experiment until I find the best solution. In my case, work is play.